Pop-up Shops Around The UK

This weeks event!

So this weekend - 13-15th Decemeber, the YOU-SA team is currently at Gloucester Quays selling american sweets, traditional sweets.. (but the best is yet to come!!) we even have our own chilli stall! Are those taste buds watering already? 

Don't feel disappointed if you aren't available to come and say hello, there will be plenty of more events coming up! Don't forget about our website also! 

We keep it up to date with new stock and sale items. But, don't keep it waiting too long, American sweets and drinks are just too good to wait for...

New Gift Boxes

Thinking about Christmas presents for your loved ones? Do they love American sweets?

Then look no further! We have added a gift box full of American goodies for that special someone or special people in your life.

Where can I find it - I hear you ask...

Well, just look under the new category of 'Gifts' on the side bar on our website, and there you shall see the perfect present!

The prices for the gift boxes range in sizes and prices, such as:

Small box - £16.95 

Medium box - £29.95

Large box - £49.95

Desciptions of all boxes are in our gift category! But, if you have any questions or queries... then please do not hesitate to e-mail us at or send us a message on Facebook! Just search You-SA! 

What You-SA Have Been Doing!

Recently, we've been concentrating on promoting what we do to people in and around Swansea. 

We've been popping up stalls in Admiral Swansea so far, whilst in other buildings! We've also made some Admiral buildings in Swansea click and collect points. So, that means, if you work in Admiral in Swansea, not only can you order your delicious goodies; you can also pick them up for free at work! How good is that?

All you need to do is enter in your name with your payroll number aside, and it'll be ready for you the very next day! 

I can't think of a better deal!

We've also been adding to our range of products... mouths are already watering! And, they have a right to too! We've been promoting a broad chilli range, currently selling small chilli bottles, american snacks such as Hot Buffalo Synder's Pretzel pieces and biiiiiigg bottles of hot sauce!

So get those Dorito's at the ready and try a sample if you happen to bump into us at an event.

We shall be keeping you updated as to where you can find us and also selling the chilli range online, pretty soon! Fingers crossed.

But in the mean time, keep you're eyes peeled for any upcoming competitions and offers. Like our facebook page and follow us on Twitter!

All links are on the homepage and we look forward to making your american dream come true!

The You-SA team.  

Wonka Weekend!

Wonka Weekend! Free Wonka Nerd Box

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce the start of Wonka Weekend! For all orders over £10 made on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th October we will include a delicous box of Wonka Nerds (worth £1.75) alongside your other goodies!

This is available on all delivery options and will end midnight Sunday 6th October so don't miss out!

We hope you like our extra little treat Smile

So, what is 'Click and Collect'?

Note: We've made some changes to Click and Collect since this blog post. More up to date information on the 'Shipping & Returns' page.

Just some of the Yummy products we're bringing

YeeHa Everyone!

When we were at the Swansea Food Festival the other week we had quite an interest in our ‘Click and Collect’ delivery option. This blog post will go through some of the questions we have been asked as well as bringing up some aspects to help give you all an insight into how Click and Collect will work. This FAQ mainly covers the Swansea collection points which we will launch with and aspects may differ for any future collection points outside of Swansea.

P.S. FAQ’s seemed a good way of explaining things Smile

"Why 'Click and Collect'?"

We’ve all been there; that long wait for the post when you order that special something online. With Click and Collect we want to give you the option to remove that so if you want say those two packets of Peanut Butter M&M’s tomorrow then you can do without having to pay delivery costs on top (even more if next day delivery) as well as waiting at home for them to be delivered. Instead you can go about your day and pick them up at a convenient time and place for you.

"Can I still receive my order through standard delivery?"

Absolutely, 'Click and Collect' is just another delivery option so if you would still like your order delivered to a respective address then you can still do just that. Our delivery rates are very competitive (and will be clearly displayed when choosing your delivery options) so it is more a case of what works best for you.

"Where can I collect from?"

You will be able to collect from a choice of locations within Swansea with local businesses we have made agreements with. These agreements are still being finalised so once everything is all in place we will let you all know. There will also be a page on the website that will give details of each collection point, location, opening times etc so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Feline friendly Click and Collect option!"How soon can I pick up my order"

With Swansea Click and Collect points we will guarantee to process orders the same day (so they are at your chosen collection point the next working day) if you make your order before a certain time. This exact time is still being finalised but it will likely be early afternoon.

These will apply to typical working days so it may be different for weekends. We will tell you about this information in due course and through the delivery process we will clearly communicate how it may differ on different days.

“When I place my order through Click and Collect will there a certain amount of days I need to pick up my delivery?”

We will likely set out a respectable number of days required as we would not want the collection points holding large amounts of uncollected orders. Of course if you find that you would have difficulty collecting the order within the timeframe (if we place one) then we would be very happy if you would email us so we could work something out e.g. bring the order back to the location at a later date.

“Can I use different ‘Click and Collect’ points for different orders or am I tied to one?”

You can use different Click and Collect points for different orders as many times as you like.

"How might collection points differ outside of Swansea?"

The only way which we foresee them operating differently is that we may charge a small fee for delivery to these points as they would be at locations a bit away from our us and so cost a little bit more. Any charges will likely be small (as we are still taking the orders just that respective collect location) and will be clearly communicated on our collection point page and in the ordering process. All information about new collection points will be explained.

We hope this helps gives an insight into our Click and Collect service. We can't wait till the 12th of September when we launch!


Coming Soon

Thursday 12th September a new way to purchase all your American favourites is being launch in Swansea. You-SA bring the best products direct from the USA.